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Cedar deck in Gladstone, Oregon

Custom Cedar Deck in Gladstone, Oregon

This custom cedar deck was installed in Gladstone, Oregon. Cedar is a beautiful wood and if properly maintained (stained every 1-2 years) should have a life of 20 years.

Here is a picture of a Cedar Deck in Gladstone, Oregon.  This Deck was built by Bragg Construction.  Bragg Construction provides Professional Carpenters and uses top quality materials.  The Decking is Kiln dried and pre stained on all four sides.  The foundation is a concrete slab with galvanized brackets to secure the Pressure treated frame of the Deck to the foundation.  We used a Pressure treated frame and Kiln dried, pre stained Cedar Decking.  The Decking was secured with Stainless steel screws.   The frame was built with galvanized hardware.

Cedar deck covers concrete slab

This cedar deck will cover a concrete slab.

Here is a picture of the Foundation.  A solid concrete landing and concrete sidewalk.  There is no need to tear all this out and start over.  The challenge with this foundation is to find strong ways to secure the frame to the concrete.  We used a couple different types of fasteners to secure the frame to the concrete.  The frame is all Pressure treated lumber, mostly 4 x 4 and 4 x 6.    Notice the area where the landing was located that thinner frame material was used so that the decking would land perfectly with the door.  We used non rotting plastic shims at frequent intervals to add support in this area with 2 x 4 framing.  A 2 x 6 rim was added to the outside of the frame for strength and to make the frame perfectly level.  The frame was nailed together with Galvanized  fasteners and Stainless steel screws.  Notice that the cut ends of the boards are covered by an edge board.  No railing was needed for this deck since it is only 2 steps to the ground.  A wide step was added to the ground.  Upon completion a second coat of clear stain was applied with extra attention given to the cut ends.  We leave our job sites spotless and haul away all the debris.

Cedar deck framing in Gladstone Oregon

Cedar deck framing with 2x4s and 4x4s

Cedar Deck framed in Gladstone Oregon

Cedar deck frame in Gladstone, Oregon

Bragg Construction shims this cedar deck frame in Gladstone, Oregon

Shimming the cedar deck frame to cover the concrete slab

Cedar deck frame with galvanized brackets

Galvanized brackets affix this custom cedar deck frame.