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Window Removal and New Siding for Clackamas County Home

Bragg Construction was called out to a Milwaukie, Oregon home for window removal. The client was looking for more wall space for cabinets during their kitchen remodel which meant closing off and removing a window. After the window was removed, new wall studs were installed, insulation put in the wall, interior drywall was installed, exterior vapor barrier was inserted followed by new siding, new caulking, new painting and worksite cleanup — let us show you how it was done.

Window removal:

One piece of siding was carefully removed to determine if an exact match was available.  Once the match was found the material was ordered and put on stand by so that the install could be done with out hesitation.  The window was removed and set aside for donation.

Beginning of window removal project

Beginning of window removal project

New wall studs with insulation:

New wall studs, (2 x 4’s), were installed into the window opening, plywood sheathing was cut, fit and nailed to the exterior and insulation was fitted to the interior.

New wall studs in place after window removal

New wall studs in place after window removal

Interior drywall:

drywall was installed to the interior, taped, mud and plaster, ready for the cabinet install.

Exterior vapor barrier:

Modern “Improved Vapor Barrier” was installed over the plywood sheathing to prevent moisture intrusion.

Exterior vapor barrier to protect against water intrusion

Exterior vapor barrier to protect against water intrusion

New siding, new caulking, new painting:

The new siding was a nearly perfect match and not noticeable at just 3 feet back from the surface.  Precision caulking and 2 coats of paint finish the project to the complete satisfaction of the client.

New siding, new caulking, and new painting on home exterior

New siding, new caulking, and new painting on home exterior

Work site cleanup:

Bragg Construction and Remodeling of Clackamas Oregon cleans up after all projects.  We are skilled multi- trade craftsmen who take pride in our work and do not consider our work complete until the clean up is done.  We love our work and consider it a privilege to serve you.

If you have a window removal project, please consider contacting Bragg Construction and Remodeling at 503-341-0884.

Drywall Repair, Ceiling and Framing by Bragg Construction, Portland, Oregon

Professional Carpenters at Bragg Construction and Remodeling complete Drywall Repair and Framing of a ceiling in Portland, Oregon.  Plastering, Texturing and Painting complete the project.  The attic of the house was wide open to the hall of the home resulting in heat loss. Bragg Construction and Remodeling provides Professional Carpenters and Craftsmen able to complete Frame and Finish Carpentry.  We are also highly skilled at Drywall, Plastering and Painting.  Adding the Framing and Drywall to the Ceiling made the room both beautiful and energy efficient.  We protect our work area with tarps and masking. We always clean up after ourselves.

ceiling framing portland oregon

Bragg Construction crated a cleanly framed ceiling to hang the new drywall from.


Newly hung drywall with mesh tape ready for plastering.

Here is a picture of the Ceiling Framing being added to close off the attic.  A lazar level is used to strike a level line completely around the room.  A “ledger” board is installed on both sides of the hall way.  Then the ceiling joists are carefully fitted  and spaced two feet apart.  The Framing is not spanning a very wide hall so 2 x 4 framing is plenty strong and there is ample room in the attic to add insulation.

Here is a picture of the drywall being installed.  Since the hall was three feet wide by 16 feet long we used a 12′ piece of 5/8″ cut into 3′ pieces and turned them perpendicular to the hall.  This method made the ceiling easier to hang, easier to plaster and created less waste.  Yellow mesh tape was added to the seams, fast drying plaster was applied on the seams and corners.

Two coats of “Topping Plaster” are applied, ceiling texture, primer, sealer and 2 coats of paint.  Bragg Construction and Remodeling Provides Professional Craftsmen who are highly skilled at smooth plastering, quality painting and matching textures.  We get your job done quickly efficiently and clean up after ourselves.  Call us today for all your Remodeling needs.  (503) 341-0884

Drywall, Plaster Repair, Baseboard and Painting in Lake Oswego, Oregon by Bragg Construction

Here is a Drywall, Plastering, Base Board Installation and Painting project in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  We have been serving Lake Oswego, Oregon for more than 30 years.  This project is a perfect example of the multi-trade skills of Bragg Construction and Remodeling.  This project needed a Professional Carpenter for the baseboard and trim installation.  An expert Plaster Applicator was needed to repair the drywall, skim the topping plaster and create a perfectly smooth wall.  A Talented Painter was also needed to complete the priming and painting of the “pop corn” ceilings, walls and wood trim.  Bragg Construction and Remodeling provided Professional Carpentry, Professional Drywall Repair and Professional Painting necessary to complete this Home office remodel.

Removal of the loose plaster and Paint are shown here in the first two photos. We provide a dust free environment while working by meticulously covering the floors, cleaning up as the job progresses, and wearing booties or slip on shoes.

Removal of loose water-damaged plaster

Removal of loose water-damaged plaster

Drywall Repair, remove loose paint, wash and seal

Drywall Repair, remove loose paint, wash and seal

A distinctive thing we provide on our dusty remodeling jobs is a whole house Air scrubbing system.  The air scrubber machine has a HEPA filter to clean the air in your home as we work.   Here is a picture of the machine on a tile job completed for a local pet store and dog day care.  The customer wanted to see if it was working so he ran his hand across the pre filter, (notice the finger stripes across the pre filter).  This machine will filter the air in an average home 3 to 5 times a day.  We include this in all our remodeling jobs.

The next 2 pictures show the completed Drywall Patch.  The Patch is flat and smooth.  The “pop corn” ceiling has been painted with 2 coats of paint the patch has been primed and then painted with 2 wall coats.  The first picture shows all the parts of the process and the second picture shows all steps completed.

Drywall Repair, Skim, Sand, Prime, Paint

Drywall Repair that has been skimmed, sanded, and primed

Drywall repair and Painting finished

Drywall repair with finished painting.

The final two pictures show a couple views of the finished home office remodel including new carpet, new base board, drywall, plaster repair, freshly painted ceiling, walls, and trim.  Wouldn’t you like to work in a newly remodeled office?  Call today, We would love to serve you.

Paint ceiling, walls and trim home office

Painted ceiling, walls and trim home office in completed.

Base board install, plaster repair, prime and paint ceilings, walls and trim

The completed home office with new carpet, baseboards, plaster repair, primed and painted ceilings, walls and trim.