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Drywall Repair, Ceiling and Framing by Bragg Construction, Portland, Oregon

Professional Carpenters at Bragg Construction and Remodeling complete Drywall Repair and Framing of a ceiling in Portland, Oregon.  Plastering, Texturing and Painting complete the project.  The attic of the house was wide open to the hall of the home resulting in heat loss. Bragg Construction and Remodeling provides Professional Carpenters and Craftsmen able to complete Frame and Finish Carpentry.  We are also highly skilled at Drywall, Plastering and Painting.  Adding the Framing and Drywall to the Ceiling made the room both beautiful and energy efficient.  We protect our work area with tarps and masking. We always clean up after ourselves.

ceiling framing portland oregon

Bragg Construction crated a cleanly framed ceiling to hang the new drywall from.


Newly hung drywall with mesh tape ready for plastering.

Here is a picture of the Ceiling Framing being added to close off the attic.  A lazar level is used to strike a level line completely around the room.  A “ledger” board is installed on both sides of the hall way.  Then the ceiling joists are carefully fitted  and spaced two feet apart.  The Framing is not spanning a very wide hall so 2 x 4 framing is plenty strong and there is ample room in the attic to add insulation.

Here is a picture of the drywall being installed.  Since the hall was three feet wide by 16 feet long we used a 12′ piece of 5/8″ cut into 3′ pieces and turned them perpendicular to the hall.  This method made the ceiling easier to hang, easier to plaster and created less waste.  Yellow mesh tape was added to the seams, fast drying plaster was applied on the seams and corners.

Two coats of “Topping Plaster” are applied, ceiling texture, primer, sealer and 2 coats of paint.  Bragg Construction and Remodeling Provides Professional Craftsmen who are highly skilled at smooth plastering, quality painting and matching textures.  We get your job done quickly efficiently and clean up after ourselves.  Call us today for all your Remodeling needs.  (503) 341-0884