Door installation in Oregon City, Or

Before picture of an exterior door installation in oregon city oregon

This is a before picture of an exterior front door replacement that is well underway. This project was completed at a home in Oregon City, Oregon.

A Front Door Installation is a good project to get Professional help.  A Skilled, Professional Carpenter will make the job look simple.  Don’t be fooled, there are many tricks to a Successful Door Installation.  Bragg Construction and Remodeling has installed hundreds of doors in Portland, Oregon.  We strive for all our doors to be perfectly installed.  There are several steps to a quality door installation.  We recommend that you let your Carpenter do all the steps of the process to insure a perfect installation.  Here is a summery of the process:

First, accurate Measuring and Ordering.  Please let your professional Carpenter do the measuring and Ordering.  You should be involved in the choice of your door but take recommendations from your Carpenter.  Choose a door with a good balance of beauty, function, quality and cost.  When choosing your door be sure to decide who is going to pick up and deliver the door.  Once again We recommend that you let the professionals do this.  If you damage your door we will cry for you but you will be responsible for the cost and time delays.

After picture of an exterior door installation in oregon city

This is the after picture of the exterior front door. This was a relatively simple install because there were no changes to the framing. We also recommend new hardware when change a door because the door will function and look good.

We have the right Truck to keep your door safe and warm.  After we Pick up and deliver the undamaged door we remove the trim around the old door.  We double check again that the new door will fit before we remove the old door.  Next we remove the old door and set it safely aside.  We Verify and level the sil as needed.  We Install the new door.  “Plumb, level and square”  is the saying of a Professional Carpenter.  Sometimes the door opening has to be modified.  My next blog post will show a door install that needed several modifications.  The door is “hung” plumb, (that means straight vertically) and level (horizontal).  The door gets secured with screws, nails, and shims.  Foam weatherstripping fills the gaps between the door jamb and the framing of the house.  Interior and exterior trim are applied, hardware installed and touch up painting applied as needed.  We clean up our debris and dispose of the old door and other trash.