Drywall, Plaster Repair, Baseboard and Painting in Lake Oswego, Oregon by Bragg Construction

Here is a Drywall, Plastering, Base Board Installation and Painting project in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  We have been serving Lake Oswego, Oregon for more than 30 years.  This project is a perfect example of the multi-trade skills of Bragg Construction and Remodeling.  This project needed a Professional Carpenter for the baseboard and trim installation.  An expert Plaster Applicator was needed to repair the drywall, skim the topping plaster and create a perfectly smooth wall.  A Talented Painter was also needed to complete the priming and painting of the “pop corn” ceilings, walls and wood trim.  Bragg Construction and Remodeling provided Professional Carpentry, Professional Drywall Repair and Professional Painting necessary to complete this Home office remodel.

Removal of the loose plaster and Paint are shown here in the first two photos. We provide a dust free environment while working by meticulously covering the floors, cleaning up as the job progresses, and wearing booties or slip on shoes.

Removal of loose water-damaged plaster

Removal of loose water-damaged plaster

Drywall Repair, remove loose paint, wash and seal

Drywall Repair, remove loose paint, wash and seal

A distinctive thing we provide on our dusty remodeling jobs is a whole house Air scrubbing system.  The air scrubber machine has a HEPA filter to clean the air in your home as we work.   Here is a picture of the machine on a tile job completed for a local pet store and dog day care.  The customer wanted to see if it was working so he ran his hand across the pre filter, (notice the finger stripes across the pre filter).  This machine will filter the air in an average home 3 to 5 times a day.  We include this in all our remodeling jobs.

The next 2 pictures show the completed Drywall Patch.  The Patch is flat and smooth.  The “pop corn” ceiling has been painted with 2 coats of paint the patch has been primed and then painted with 2 wall coats.  The first picture shows all the parts of the process and the second picture shows all steps completed.

Drywall Repair, Skim, Sand, Prime, Paint

Drywall Repair that has been skimmed, sanded, and primed

Drywall repair and Painting finished

Drywall repair with finished painting.

The final two pictures show a couple views of the finished home office remodel including new carpet, new base board, drywall, plaster repair, freshly painted ceiling, walls, and trim.  Wouldn’t you like to work in a newly remodeled office?  Call today, We would love to serve you.

Paint ceiling, walls and trim home office

Painted ceiling, walls and trim home office in completed.

Base board install, plaster repair, prime and paint ceilings, walls and trim

The completed home office with new carpet, baseboards, plaster repair, primed and painted ceilings, walls and trim.

Door installation in Gladstone, Or

Bragg Construction and Remodeling provides Professional Carpenters and Craftsmen.  We have been a family owned business for over thirty years.  We have completed hundreds of door installations in the Portland area.  We service Gladstone to Portland.  The door opening shown here needed several modifications.   These modifications, while complex, are well within the skill set of a Master Carpenter.  Here is a picture of the old door.  After the old door is set aside work begins on leveling the sill so that the door can sit on a solid base.  framing and a piece of cedar are glued, shimmed and screwed to the framing.

old exterior door needing to be replaced in gladstone oregon

Old Exterior Door

prepping the sill by reframing and leveling

Prepping the sill by re-framing and leveling

A unique trim application was planned to accommodate the wacky framing of this old house.  The next 3 photos show all the various cutting that had to happen to fit the new door to this old house.  The vinyl siding was cut back so that the exterior trim would set flush. The old sub siding was cut back and the header trimmed to make way for the taller door.  The framing on the side of the opening had to be shaved the length of the stud so that the opening would be wide enough for the new door.  There is a reason Carpenters are sometimes called wood butchers.

cutting back the vinyl siding to prepare the opening

Cutting back the vinyl siding to prepare the opening

cutting back the subsiding allow for a taller door

Cutting back the subsiding allows for a taller door

Shaving the framing wall stud to make the door frame wider

Shaving the framing wall stud to make the door frame wider

The door was hung, “plumb, level and square,” key to any proper door installation.  Stainless steel screws, nails, glue, caulk and shims are all used to insure that the door is solid and weather tight.  The excess shims are trimmed. A custom tapered sill support is cut, fitted, caulked and nailed. The next 3 pictures show the factory trim flush to the vinyl siding. A creative remedy to this is to add a 1×4 flat casing  with a nice looking reveal. This trim covers the vinyl, fits nicely to the factory trim and completes the weather tight seal of the door.

Finishing the hanging by trimming away the excess shims

Finishing the hanging by trimming away the excess shims

building a custom tapered cedar sill support

Building a custom tapered cedar sill support

factory trim landing flush to the vinyl siding

Factory trim landing flush to the vinyl siding

cedar 1x4 flat casing to trim out the extrior

Cedar 1×4 flat casing to trim out the exterior

completed exterior cedar trim

Completed exterior cedar trim

1 x 3 flat trim is added to the inside. Brand new hardware is installed. The site is cleaned, and the old door recycled for garden art.  Another happy customer.  This old house with a brand new perfect door.

interior trim 1x3 flat casing

Interior trim 1×3 flat casing

jam extension 1x3 flat trim and brand new hardware

Jam extension 1×3 flat trim and brand new hardware

Completed door exterior with clean up job site by Bragg Construction

Completed door exterior with clean up job site by Bragg Construction

Door installation in Oregon City, Or

Before picture of an exterior door installation in oregon city oregon

This is a before picture of an exterior front door replacement that is well underway. This project was completed at a home in Oregon City, Oregon.

A Front Door Installation is a good project to get Professional help.  A Skilled, Professional Carpenter will make the job look simple.  Don’t be fooled, there are many tricks to a Successful Door Installation.  Bragg Construction and Remodeling has installed hundreds of doors in Portland, Oregon.  We strive for all our doors to be perfectly installed.  There are several steps to a quality door installation.  We recommend that you let your Carpenter do all the steps of the process to insure a perfect installation.  Here is a summery of the process:

First, accurate Measuring and Ordering.  Please let your professional Carpenter do the measuring and Ordering.  You should be involved in the choice of your door but take recommendations from your Carpenter.  Choose a door with a good balance of beauty, function, quality and cost.  When choosing your door be sure to decide who is going to pick up and deliver the door.  Once again We recommend that you let the professionals do this.  If you damage your door we will cry for you but you will be responsible for the cost and time delays.

After picture of an exterior door installation in oregon city

This is the after picture of the exterior front door. This was a relatively simple install because there were no changes to the framing. We also recommend new hardware when change a door because the door will function and look good.

We have the right Truck to keep your door safe and warm.  After we Pick up and deliver the undamaged door we remove the trim around the old door.  We double check again that the new door will fit before we remove the old door.  Next we remove the old door and set it safely aside.  We Verify and level the sil as needed.  We Install the new door.  “Plumb, level and square”  is the saying of a Professional Carpenter.  Sometimes the door opening has to be modified.  My next blog post will show a door install that needed several modifications.  The door is “hung” plumb, (that means straight vertically) and level (horizontal).  The door gets secured with screws, nails, and shims.  Foam weatherstripping fills the gaps between the door jamb and the framing of the house.  Interior and exterior trim are applied, hardware installed and touch up painting applied as needed.  We clean up our debris and dispose of the old door and other trash.

Cedar deck in Gladstone, Oregon

Custom Cedar Deck in Gladstone, Oregon

This custom cedar deck was installed in Gladstone, Oregon. Cedar is a beautiful wood and if properly maintained (stained every 1-2 years) should have a life of 20 years.

Here is a picture of a Cedar Deck in Gladstone, Oregon.  This Deck was built by Bragg Construction.  Bragg Construction provides Professional Carpenters and uses top quality materials.  The Decking is Kiln dried and pre stained on all four sides.  The foundation is a concrete slab with galvanized brackets to secure the Pressure treated frame of the Deck to the foundation.  We used a Pressure treated frame and Kiln dried, pre stained Cedar Decking.  The Decking was secured with Stainless steel screws.   The frame was built with galvanized hardware.

Cedar deck covers concrete slab

This cedar deck will cover a concrete slab.

Here is a picture of the Foundation.  A solid concrete landing and concrete sidewalk.  There is no need to tear all this out and start over.  The challenge with this foundation is to find strong ways to secure the frame to the concrete.  We used a couple different types of fasteners to secure the frame to the concrete.  The frame is all Pressure treated lumber, mostly 4 x 4 and 4 x 6.    Notice the area where the landing was located that thinner frame material was used so that the decking would land perfectly with the door.  We used non rotting plastic shims at frequent intervals to add support in this area with 2 x 4 framing.  A 2 x 6 rim was added to the outside of the frame for strength and to make the frame perfectly level.  The frame was nailed together with Galvanized  fasteners and Stainless steel screws.  Notice that the cut ends of the boards are covered by an edge board.  No railing was needed for this deck since it is only 2 steps to the ground.  A wide step was added to the ground.  Upon completion a second coat of clear stain was applied with extra attention given to the cut ends.  We leave our job sites spotless and haul away all the debris.

Cedar deck framing in Gladstone Oregon

Cedar deck framing with 2x4s and 4x4s

Cedar Deck framed in Gladstone Oregon

Cedar deck frame in Gladstone, Oregon

Bragg Construction shims this cedar deck frame in Gladstone, Oregon

Shimming the cedar deck frame to cover the concrete slab

Cedar deck frame with galvanized brackets

Galvanized brackets affix this custom cedar deck frame.

Pet Door Installation in Portland, Oregon

Assessing the best location for your pet door

This blog post will take you step-by-step through the process of a recent pet door installation we did in Portland, Oregon for a medium sized dog.

We can help with the process of choosing a good location for your pet door installation but typically going through a non-glass door is simpler than going through a wall (because you never know what you’ll find inside of your wall, of course, we’ll check before we cut).

Once the decision has been made for the location of the pet door installation it is time to get to work.

Total Time Spent on Project: 4 hours (including proper clean-up)
Tools Used on Project: skill saw, sawzall, mult-master, vacuum, tarp, assorted handtools
Other Project Comments: In this case, the Portland are client supplied the trim kit and exterior wall plate and we left the work site completely cleaned so they were ready to enjoy their new pet door.

Pet Door Installation Step 1 – Cutting a small round hole on the interior

We begin by cutting a small round hole on the interior wall in order to check inside the wall. If there is electrical running through the wall we might want to choose another location and patching the small round hole is a simpler task than irresponsibly just beginning with large exterior cuts to your siding. During this pet door installation we found 4 obstacles 2 electrical outlet boxes and a foundation tie-down bolt and bracket. After cutting out the rectangular space from the interior and exterior it was time to deal with the obstacles.

Pet Door Installation Interior Wall by Bragg Construction

Interior picture pet door cut-out showing the tie-down bolt and, bracket and electrical box.

Pet door installation exterior wall cut out by Bragg Construction

Cut-out of exterior siding.

Assessing the Obstacles Step 2 – Moving on outlet box and cutting the tie-down bolt

We began by cutting the excess portion of tie-down bolt with a multi-master oscillating saw. Next, we changed a round exterior electrical box to a rectangular electrical box in order to make room for the exterior trim of the pet door.

Pet door installation exterior wall cutting a tie down bolt by Bragg Construction

Multi-master tool will cut the excess tie-down bolt for the installation of the pet door.

Pet door installation exterior wall moved electrical box by Bragg Construction

Exterior outlet boxed that needed to be swapped out for a rectangular outlet box to make way for the pet door installation.

Installing the Trim Kit Step 3 – From the trim to the wall kit

In between the interior and exterior trim kit we install a wall sleeve to protect your pet from the wall insulation. This will also minimize drafts for the home owners.In this case the client had already purchase the trim kit which we were able to work with but in some cases you may want/ask us to supply it. The customer supplied their won plate cover to match their home exterior (not pictured here).

Pet door installation finished interior wall by Bragg Construction

Pet door installation finished interior wall with trim kit by Bragg Construction.

Pet door installation finished exterior wall by Bragg Construction

Pet door installation finished exterior wall by Bragg Construction